Evolving Complexity

Time's Arrows and the Physics of Emergence 

Evolving Complexity:

Time's Arrows and the Physics of Emergence 

Why has the universe evolved to the point that we are here to ponder the question? Physics suggests that the universe must have started off in an exceptionally improbable state. Or, perhaps or there are multiple universes but this is the rare outlier that has allowed us to exist. These are deterministic explanations. Determinism means that there can be no selection of possibilities. The future, as well as the past, is set in stone, and free will is only an illusion.

This book presents a bold synthesis of physics, thermodynamics, and evolution. This integrated conceptual framework readily accommodates the evolution of complexity as an intrinsic drive of nature. It provides clear and specific explanations for:

  • Time’s thermodynamic arrow of dissipation;
  • Time’s second arrow of emerging complexity;
  • The emergence and interplay of cooperation and competition in evolving systems.

Understanding the emergence, evolution and behavior of complex systems is critical as we navigate our way through this increasingly complex world.